A downloadable replicantthesearch for Windows and macOS

Made for Movie Game Jam, inspired by Blade Runner 2049

Discover the city of Las Vegas and find who you came for. Will your questions be answered ?

Controls : Move - WASD/Arrows

Credits : 
Léonardo Montes - @Repusv, Website - Lead, Programming, Art, Concept
Valentin Serri - @Khipow, Website - Music, Concept
Maixent Bouteiller - @Xani_tem - Help, Concept

Listen to the soundtrack here !


Replicant The Search.zip 242 MB
Replicant The Search (Mac OS X).zip 244 MB


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I quite enjoyed your game, it was an immersive experience and i really liked how the holograms were used for the storytelling part. I was left wanting for more, and for me the ending was a bit underdeveloped. I would want to play more in this universe, very atmospheric music and mood. I had some problems while going up the steep stairs but it was manageable. Congrats!

what is the objective of the game?

Beautiful experience - in very Tarkovsky way (the fragile memories etc.). The only one thing: I have some issues with stairs, which can be passed only with some effort rotating mouse wildly. Is it only my pc, probably?

In my opinion you did an extraordinary great job with that one! The holograms as guiding elements were a stunning way to implement a visual game element, the dancing scene was interesting to witness and the change of art style in the casino was absolutely wonderful. I hope you'll continue to create atmospherical experiences like that one, because I really loved it. :) That's why I wrote an article about it and also created a little playthrough video of your game. <3 May it be helpful for other players. :)

Best wishes,

Well I guess my questions go un-answered as, I'm not sure what I am suppose to do! *it has been a long long time since I've seen Blade Runner!*

I enjoyed the atmosphere of this game.
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Really nice work, visually it's really cool.. I just wish it was longer. :) I know, jam, limited time... 

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games.

OOoh, looks great... any chance of a Mac or web build?

Yeah, a web build would be nice! 

Hello, I can't make a web build because the game was made to run on PC. Building for web would mean rewriting some shaders and changing the overall look of the game. Sorry, but if you need a linux build tell me (but I won't be able to test it).

Oh that is understandable. Don't worry, we can still try out the pc version ;) 

Hi,  I added a Mac build. Hopefully it works correctly :)

Cool, thanks, I look forward to playing it!

Hmm, seems to be something wrong with it, the zip archive is only 22 bytes in size and won't decompress...

It seems there was a problem with the zip.  It's fixed now (normally).